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Preparing for the Appraisal in York, PA



Brown Real Estate - Real Estate Evaluation in York, PA
When you are selling or refinancing your home, there are several things that you can do prior to the arrival of the appraiser. This ensures a proper and accurate appraisal that will be to your benefit:


Make sure that all rooms can be entered by the appraiser; you also want to make sure the appraiser has clean and dry access to crawlspaces and attics. These access doors must be opened so the appraiser can at least conduct a "head and shoulders" viewing. Garages, storage areas, closets, and basements all must be viewed by the appraiser. The appraiser takes interior and exterior photographs.

Legal & Title Issue

We are here to help you with your title issues. When you have information on any of the following, please, have it available for the appraiser: title work, information on easements or encroachments, copies of permits for additions or recent work on the house, property survey, information on the previous sales history of the home, recent tax bill, and information on private road, when applicable.

Other Issues

Generally speaking, the more information that is available to the appraiser, the faster the process will go. When you have any of the following information, please have it available for the appraiser:
  • Copies of Previous Appraisals
  • Copies of Home Inspections
  • Copies of Current or Previous Sales Agreements
  • Copies of Any Current or Previous Listing Agreements
  • Any Other Information You Feel May Be Useful to the Appraiser
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